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Williamsville, NY 14221


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We Believe in Jesus

We believe that Jesus is the foundation of a purposeful and fulfilling existence (1 Corinthians 3:10 & John 10:10). There is a perpetual higher call in his life (1 John 2:6), an unparalleled love demonstrated through his death (Romans 5:8), and a tremendous power in his resurrection (Philippians 3:10). We are far from perfect, but we strive to be more like him every day.



We believe in the power of the Bible.

It is able to change us from the inside out. This is a spiritual and life changing transformation as a result of diligent study (Psalm 119:105), careful application (James 1:22-25), and a collective commitment to the expectations of God (Acts 2:42-47). It is our belief that everyone deserves the chance to make an informed decision based on what the Bible actually says, as opposed to what is said about it.



We believe in truth.

It has been said that, “In a time of universal deceit—telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” This holds true for us. We strive to be revolutionaries in our adherence to the truth (John 8:31-32). For us, truth transcends what is popular, what is politically correct, and what is easy. In a practical sense, this means that we deal with sin—in ourselves and in each other (John 3:19-21). Religious hypocrisy is the direct result of not dealing honestly with who we are before God, and we feel the same way about hypocrisy that Jesus did (Matthew 23:1-36).



We believe in real relationships.

What do we mean by “real”? Well, we strive to have relationships that embody what the first-century Christians had in Acts 2:42-47. They weren’t just acquaintances who met together once a week; they were a family of believers that were devoted to God’s word and each other. Real relationships transcend gender, age, and race. For this reason, we are a diverse church of all nations—truly a place where everyone is welcome.



We believe in spiritual certainty.

God did not go to the extraordinary lengths He did for us to be confused about where we stand with him. Our eternal destiny should be in sharp focus and continually influence the choices we make every day; however, many lack confidence when it comes to where they stand with God. Something as important as our eternal destination should not be neglected. We believe that God clearly explains the path to Him in the Bible and that path is one of repentance from sin and baptism. Biblical baptism is a profound transference that will forever change your life (Romans 6:3-4). It is the point when an individual goes from lost in their sin to saved in God’s grace, but this is only possible after that individual has decided to cut off the sin in their lives and commit to pleasing God (Romans 6:1-2).