we believe in living a life of biblical proportions


Our worship team here at the Buffalo Church of Christ performs Contemporary Christian and original music in the style of Hillsong, Elevation or Passion. We lead the people of Buffalo to worship through monthly Praise & Worship Nights, Praise Cafes and Worship Concerts. But you can sing along with us at every Sunday Service.

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As a family of believers, we seek to be a Bible based church. Our lives as a body revolve around living out the scriptures and holding each other accountable to be the most like Jesus we can be. We commit to be purpose driven; serving, loving, evangelizing and giving our hearts to the lost world around us to reach as many as possible. Giving God glory through praise and worship, we rely on his powerful Word and Holy Spirit to guide us. 

We strive to cultivate spiritual community as different people with everything in common. When you’re in our house, we hope you too can find your home.


Daniel and Tracy Macaluso

Lead Evangelist and Women's Ministry Leader, B-Lo on High

Daniel and Tracy Macaluso are the lead pastors of the Buffalo Church of Christ. Buffalo born and raised, they have led ministries across the country for over 30 years. Leading in Syracuse, Philadelphia, and NYC, they have impacted people all over the world. Over 20 years ago they moved back home to plant the Buffalo church. 


Daniel is a powerful speaker, songwriter and worship leader. He serves as president of the board, the sound engineer for B-Lo on High, founder of the largest flag football league in Buffalo (BRF) and continues to quarterback the BCC team. With all of that, he still finds time to rock out with his band 4D.


Tracy is the visionary and artistic director for the B-Lo on High worship team as well as being a worship leader herself! She leads the wonderful Women’s Ministry and is also the pioneer and creator of our dynamic children’s program. Tracy also serves as a board advisor. 


Danny and Tracy seek to build a family of believers that glorifies God and reflects the amazing city that is buffalo.

Alex and Lydia Jordan

Church Administrator and Ministry Staff, Sunchasers

Alex and Lydia Jordan are associate pastors and worship leaders. Together they lead the Sunchasers ministry for the campus and singles. Alex also serves as the church administrator as well as playing on both the BCC soccer and football teams. Lydia is the vocal director for B-Lo on High and also leads Women’s Dance Class, the women’s fitness group at the church!


Alex and Lydia also run a lifestyle blog called Faith & Fallow where they talk about marriage, daily life as Christians, what to do in Buffalo and everything in between!


James and Eve Terhune

Building Blocks, Associate Pastor

JT and Eve Terhune have been faithful disciples since their early twenties. JT is an associate pastor and board advisor for BCC. Together, he and Eve lead the Building Blocks ministry for families with kids. They also have three beautiful children, JD, Jovie and Levi. They share their passion for a faith-based family through their ministry and daily lives, letting love be the foundation to build upon every step of the way. 

Cameron and Joella McLaurin

Dinner Parties

Cam and Joella McLaurin have come from the far corners of the world to become the truest Buffalonians you’ll ever meet. After both becoming Christians and falling in love as campus students at University at Buffalo, they continued to grow and train in ministry after graduation. The McLaurins lead the Dinner Parties ministry for marrieds without kids and give their whole hearts to hospitality and loving those around them.

George and Theresa Gantz


George and Theresa Gantz are founding members of the Buffalo Church of Christ and have served in the ministry alongside the Macalusos for many years. George co-leads and oversees the children's ministry as well as serving on the board. Together they help lead the horizons ministry and continue to grow personally and professionally. Taking on new challenges, new careers and always finding new ways to serve God, they truly run the race marked out for them.


Daniel Hammonds


Dan is a young man who seeks to serve his community in any way he can. Teaching within the Buffalo Public Schools, he seeks to educate and inspire the youth of our time. Dan works in tandem with Lydia and Alex Jordan in leading our Sunchasers small group.


Lyana Macaluso

Promotional Administrator, Sunchasers

Overseeing social media, visual production, and online outreach, Lyana helps us to continue to join the global community on and off the web. She is receiving a degree in Television and Film Arts from Buffalo State and continues to seek out new ways to share God’s mission with as many as possible. 

Our Board

The Buffalo Church of Christ is led by a board made up of individuals with a long history with the ministry of BCC and a love for the city of Buffalo. Their integrity, wisdom, experience and spiritual maturity are exceptional. As well, they are fully engaged with all God is doing through our church to serve our city. They prayerfully provide guidance and discernment for all that happens in and through our ministries.

Below is a list of the current members of the The Buffalo Church of Christ Board:

Daniel Macaluso – President – Lead Evangelist
Tracy Macaluso – Advisor – Women's Ministry Leader
Alex Jordan – Administrator – Sunchaser's

James Terhune - Associate Pastor - Building Blocks
Al Hammonds – Treasurer – First Light
George Gantz – Secretary – Horizons