When you come visit us, you will notice that we meet in a Jewish temple. We rent space in the Congregation Shir Shalom building located at 4660 Sheridan Drive. When you pull in parking lot, you will see two main entrances to the building, one in the center and one to the far right.

If you don’t have kids, you will use the entrance at the center of the building. As soon as you walk in you will be facing the social hall where service is held. If you do have kids between the ages of 3 months and 8th grade, you will use the entrance at the far right of the parking lot. Since the safety of every child is of upmost importance, there is a guard at the entrance to the children’s area. He will show you where to sign in your children and you will be the only person who can sign them out. All classes are age appropriate and designed to incorporate bible-based lessons in fun and engaging ways.

Service lasts for about and hour and a half. On Sundays, we start with a few songs and then a short communion message. We take communion each week and it is a time to reflect on the significance and power of the cross in our daily lives. After that we take a short break and then resume with the main message. On Wednesdays, we also start with a few songs, but then we break out into men’s and women’s classes for more in-depth bible study. No matter which day you visit on first, it is our hope the worship inspires you and the message speaks to you.